• stage 1

    Enable NFC in your smart phone

  • stage 2

    TAP your NAG NFC business card

  • stage 3

    Success Your NAG NFC card data will be transferred in less than a second

What is NFC Technology?

  • NFC stands for Near Field Communication
  • Available on the latest smartphones. Does my phone have NFC? >>
  • Wireless transfer of data between NFC chips and phones

NAG NFC Highlights

  • NAG NFC cards are coming in 3 variants.
  • NAG NFC Card comes with FREE QR Code encoding.
  • Be the first to own NAG NFC Digital Smart Card in India.
  • NAG NFC Cards are easy to encode many applications easily.
  • NAG NFC Card can be used any number of times, No expiry date.
  • NAG NFC Digital Smart Card is 100% safe, secure and economical.
  • NAG NFC Card can be programmed any number of times for FREE.
  • Google Maps, Directions, Smart Payment, Wi-Fi Access using
    NAG NFC business card