What is NFC Business Cards?

NFC Business cards are developed in digital format to send your contact details directly to your phone by just touching your mobile phone using latest NFC technology. If you keep spending your money for business cards and wasting the old cards every time if there is a change in design or telephone numbers, Nag NFC cards  is the best choice for your business or personal use. 

Whether you`re exchanging them before a meeting or handing them out in a more informal social setting, your business cards are something you`ve used daily for years. Now though, a new opportunity is here: the ability to fully integrate your digital world with your business one, bridged by the next generation of smart business cards.

NagNFC`s NFC next-gen business card makes no attempt of replacing the card entirely - quite to the contrary, it is all about its evolution and the subsequent upgrades in the utility of the card that come with it. Optically, the electronic business card doesn't differ from a classical one. Internally, though, state-of-the-art imbedded RFID technology enables the effortless transmission of important information to capable technology.

NFC, the technology required to read and subsequently store the internal business card data can be found in more and more devices; in fact, the SmartPhone you`re carrying now, likely has the capability and make use of it. Our Cards can store all your details in few milliseconds to any NFC enabled phone.


To simplify your life, and help you more efficiently run your business! Some advantages of using NagNFC::

Distributor Advantages:

  • Increased chances of getting one's data where it should be - with the customer
  • Minimization of lost information
  • More detailed information capability
  • Much more memorable than a plain business card
  • Eco-friendly and tech-savvy
  • More data than a business card can be stored

Recipient Advantages:

  • Time-efficient and stores directly in the mobile phone
  • No more costly mistakes due to incorrectly entered data
  • Standardized format
  • You can send multiple contact details in single card

Client Advantages

  • We are the most professional-end consumer-oriented company launched now in India
  • Top-notch Business Card Creator. Just use our awesome templates- no expensive designer needed OR you can upload your design for customised format
  • Anytime you can change the card data for FREE (Life Time).

We stand by our product wholeheartedly. We believe in it and we know that you will too.


ou design your business cards based on either one of our template designs or one of your own. If you dont feel like doing that or run into trouble just drop us a line and we will take care of that for you. We are a flexible service-provider.

If you run into any snags, we`re happy and available to help - just get in touch through our contact page or call us! We`d also love to hear about what you think about the product.

We are looking for partners who can start this business as Reseller or Distributor.